Buffalo, NY Fish Species

Common Questions

What fish is Lake Ontario known for?

Lake Ontario is well-known for its salmon and trout, particularly Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, and Rainbow trout. And Captain David has extensive knowledge of the local fishing conditions and can help customers target these prized fish species!

What is the giant fish in Lake Ontario?

The giant fish in Lake Ontario you're likely thinking of is the Chinook salmon, also known as the "king salmon". These beauties can grow up to 4 feet long and weigh over 50 pounds, making for an exciting catch and a delicious meal. So, if you want to catch a big one, you better book a trip with Captain David!

Does Lake Erie have good fish?

Absolutely! Lake Erie is known for its fantastic fishing opportunities, and Captain David of End of the Line Charters is a pro at helping anglers reel in the big ones. 

End of the Line Charters offers an exciting selection of fishing species for anglers to enjoy in both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. With a range of trout and salmon available, there is something for every enthusiast. Additionally, other species such as yellow perch, bass, steelhead trout and more can also be found here. Meanwhile, Lake Ontario boasts some excellent chinook salmon fishing which can weigh over 30 pounds! Other popular species caught in this lake include coho salmon and rainbow trout.